1. Who are the photographers?
Paulina & Rafal shoot every wedding together! You get two professional photographers, not just one photographer with an assistant.

2. Why would I need two photographers?
There are many benefits of having two photographers, rather than a photographer and an assistant. Well, first of all you are getting better value for money – our rates are in line with single photographers’ rates. You will also benefit from greater photo coverage and depth. At the beginning one of us stays with bride and the other with groom. This way you can be sure that all important moments and memories will be captured. When bride and groom are together, you get pictures from different angles and point of view. As there is two of us, we can guarantee that even the smallest detail will be captured during your big day.

3. Do you work internationally?
We shoot weddings all over the world and we are more than happy to travel to any country in the world to shoot your wedding day. Our package rates are the same for destination weddings. You just need to add travel and accommodation expenses, which we will do our best to keep to minimum – just get in touch for a chat before you book.

4. What is the best way to get in touch with you?
Email us at syonaphotography@gmail.com

5. Where are you based?
We are based in Dungarvan, on the south-east coast of Ireland.

6. What is required to book my date?
To confirm a booking we will give you a booking form and ask for a deposit (€200) to secure your date. The final amount is due two weeks before the wedding day.

7. When we will see our photos?
Your photos are available within 5/6 weeks after the wedding date. All your photos are delivered to you on USB Flash Drive with no watermarks.

8. How many photos will we get?
It depends on a wedding and type of coverage. On a full day of shooting (since early morning preparations up to late night dances), the average is between 650-800 photos.

9. Do you offer albums?
Yes, we offer beautiful, customized albums. We design and compile them ourselves, and have them printed and delivered to you. Because albums are fully tailored to you the best thing to do would be to contact us at syonaphotography@gmail.com if you are interested in one, and we can let you know all of your options.

10. Do I have to decide on an album before my wedding day?
There is no rush with making decision on album. You can start thinking about it after the wedding, when all the stress goes away.

11. How long will you stay at our wedding?
We usually show up when you are about to start to get ready for your big day. We usually stay with you until late night when we are sure we have captured even the smallest detail worth remembering so in years to come, when you open the album, you can feel like you got married just recently.

But you can also choose shorter coverage, so we will stay with you until speeches are over (if they happen before the meal).

12. What is the online gallery?
The online gallery is a private, password protected section on our website where all of your wedding photographs will be placed online for you, your family and friends to view. All you have to do is provide the password to anyone who you want to be able to view and download the images. We will also hold your images in storage up to two years. There is also an option for printing your photos.

13. Can I request that you do not post pictures from my wedding on your blog?
It is in our contract that we can use your photos for publication on our website and blog. Any other publication on an external weddings blogs can be done only with your permission.

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